Beatrice's Actions and Their Significance in Divergent

(June 7 2012) In this essay, I will discuss the reaccurring themes of selflessness, honesty, intelligence, kindness, and courage, and how they are significant, relatable, and coincide with the main theme of bravery through the novel by the actions of Beatrice Prior.

“I have a theory that selflessness and bravery aren't all that different.” (Roth 336) This quote is significant, because it contradicts all of the previously believed thoughts that bravery and selflessness are two completely different traits that cannot coincide. Beatrice Prior symbolizes a "divergent" citizen, because she is proof that a person can not only have many of these five traits, but she also proves that many of the traits are related in some ways.

The theme of bravery is presented as selfish and foolish, because it is apparent that their conception of bravery is acting in rediculous life threatening situations to prove who is in fact the strongest and who is most daring to participate. However, once Beatrice joins the Dauntless, through the negative and positive relationships she makes it becomes ascertainable that Dauntless relates to Abnegation because the Dauntless are performing many stunts in the hopes of protecting the city, which is a selfless action, which relates to Abnegation because of the theme of Abnegation is to be selfless. A quote from Al shows a significant revelation a Dauntless trainee concludes:
"I think it’s important to protect people. To stand up for people. Like you did for me. That’s what the Dauntless are supposed to do right? That’s what courage is. Not...hurting people for no reason" (Roth 109). Beatrice is a prime example of a person selflessly giving up her safety to help others, such as when she climbed the Ferris wheel which resembles characteristics of intelligence, selflessness, and bravery, because she risks her life for the aid of others.

"It’s when you’re acting selflessly that you are at your bravest." (Roth 311) Through Beatrice's actions, we come to realize that she is not thinking of herself at the time of her rebellion. Although perhaps she should be, considering the rest of the Dauntless population obviously and/or subconsciously rely on her to have a solution to every issue they face. Their support encourages her bravery, and she begins to take on a leadership role. Beatrice is intelligent enough to realize her choices affect many other's fates, which brings us to the next point- intelligence can coincide with other traits as well.

"One choice can transform you" (Roth 1). Intelligence relates to bravery because of the common knowledge that complex plans cannot be made without a well thought out strategy. The theme of choice relates to intelligence because Beatrice recognizes the fact that her choices are important in the fate of not only herself and Dauntless, but all five factions as well. Intelligence isn't just about being book smart, such as how Euridite is portrayed. Beatrice, through her actions with Dauntless such as when they played capture the flag and when she participated in fights, proved that intelligence is more than just books- it is about both well-thought choices and spur of the moment choices. When Beatrice recognizes that she holds a leadership role, her choices become significantly important because she recognizes that if she backs down then she will affect the lives of thousands. Her intelligence pushes her to thrive towards achieving her goals. However, sometimes the truth to situations can affect choices, which brings to the next point- honesty can reflect positively or negatively in a choice, because "The truth has a way of changing people's plans” (Roth 186).

Honesty coincides with bravery simply because of the fact that “It must require bravery to be honest all the time” (Roth 331). This quote is significant because bad choices can be made, which result in horrible consequences and in some cases the person who made the choice is regretful and therefore keeps it a secret.

Beatrice Prior is a significant character in the analysis of the different factions and how they relate to bravery because Beatrice is the symbol of bravery. She begins to realize that her choices due to her intelligence, kindless, selflessness, honesty, and of course her courage shape her into her acquiring leadership qualities, and it becomes apparent that a person is capable of having more than one trait, because they all relate to one another in one way or another.

The Power Behind Family vs. The Desire to Conform to a Faction in Insurgent

(June 7 2012) In this essay, I will discuss the power behind family and how faction upbringing is significant in shaping one's character.

Family is an important theme in this novel because the Prior family defies the rule of "faction before blood" (Roth 2). Beatrice struggles with the decision to leave her family behind. However, her tattoo is significant because the three birds in flight stands for the three family members she left behind. They are not able to witness her becoming the person she desires to be, yet will always leave a permanent mark in her memory and her heart. However, although her and Caleb are separated, she is willing to defy all rules to visit him. This proves that the power of love for family overwhelms the love of a faction.

However, family isn't just specifically those who live in the same house as you. Caleb betrays Beatrice by telling Johanna about Beatrice's divergency. Proven by Tobias, family is someone who is willing to give up everything in their power for you. Tobias tells Beatrice '“I’ll be your family now,”' (Roth 258). His loyalty is proven to Beatrice more so than Caleb because of his betrayal. This is shown when Beatrice attempts to sacrifice herself for the love of her faction and Tobias says '“You die, I die too.”'

Beatrice's parents show how the power behind family is stronger than the power of a faction. Beatrice's mom also shows how each faction she has belonged to has significantly helped her to make choices selflessly and bravely. In order to protect her daughter, she not only stood up for herself against the Dauntless robots, she stood up for herself fully aware that she was going to die. Not only does that cross the boundaries of "faction before blood", it also shows Amity, Abnegation, and Dauntless characteristics.

Her father also shows the power of family because he too died to save Beatrice. Because of her parents deaths, Beatrice comes to realize that if she is to be selfish in her desires to be recognized for her strengths, she is going to be foolish and her parents sacrifices will not be worth it.

Her parents deaths not only shows how the power of family overcomes the power of a faction, it also shows Beatrice's developing character based on the factions she has and does belong to. Just because Beatrice has been deemed "divergent" does not make her invincible, as much as she wishes. Her immense amount of selflessness and bravery is sparked by her intelligence, however the combination of the three makes her incapable to realize the power she holds until she realizes the reason her parents sacrificed themselves was because they saw the power she holds.

Beatrice at first feared that she was alone in the struggle to retrieve the secrets Euridite and Abnegation held, however the sacrifices her parents made and the sacrifice Tobias was willing to make proved to Beatrice that she was in fact not alone. She begins to trust others, and her animosity towards other Dauntless members starts to diminish when she recognizes the fact that they are not out to betray her, they are just willing to assist her in her journey. Beatrice struggles with her own self destruction by trying to control the situation herself, however through witnessing sacrifices others make for the sake of Beatrice's life she begins to understand herself and the power that lays within her, and recognize that others have been aware of it for an extended amount of time.